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We all come to this community with a wide range of talents and experience and would love to contribute what we believe we can specifically offer. Most often what our school needs most from us is our willingness to show up and do whatever it takes. This means moving chairs, bringing snacks, planning events, coordinating with volunteers, stuffing envelopes, and anything else that might come up. The greatest gift we can give our school to assist our very talented faculty and staff is our time – time to do whatever they need most with a generous spirit!

There are so many great ways to contribute your time and talents to the SAIC community and we would love to help you get started!

What we ask of you

Parents are required to volunteer at least 40 hours per family, per year. Please refer to the SAIC Parent Handbook for detailed information on volunteer requirements.

The Volunteer Guide is updated annually with the volunteer opportunities available for the school year. There is a basic description of each event that needs your time and talents, the date of those events (where applicable) and a list of the ways you can be a part of the work.  Volunteer opportunities are posted on SchoolSpeak on the Sign Up link.

Contact the PTG Leadership Team if you are facing any challenges in getting involved in the opportunities offered, please contact the PTG President or Volunteer Coordinator to talk it through and find a fit. If your interests lie outside of PTG activities, we can help get you to the right person!

We respect that all parents are juggling family, work, young children etc. Therefore, we are happy to assist you in choosing a volunteer opportunity that works for you. Contact the office for assistance.

Please review the descriptions of the programs below and determine which activities best fit your talents and interests. Let’s get started…


Back to School Night

An informative evening for all SAIC parents, this night offers insights into the classroom experience, important introductions to school leadership and an opportunity to spend time with new and old friends.

Opportunities for volunteer involvement include: set-up/break-down, hospitality support, staffing  information tables.

Halloween Carnival

It’s not just the children who enjoy dressing up for this fun-filled day! Volunteers are needed to coordinate with Room Parents, set up activities, provide snacks and clean-up.

8th Grade Graduation

Celebrating each student who is graduating, this event provides a clear view of what a successful SAIC student looks like.
Opportunities for volunteer involvement include: event planning, set-up/break-down, hospitality support.

Parent Education

Every year the faculty provides several evenings of education on key parenting topics. Food and beverage is offered by the PTG.
Opportunities for volunteer involvement include: hospitality volunteers will be called on an as-needed basis to provide refreshments and snacks (drop off and/or service).

Front Office Support

The SAIC Office needs a helping hand now and again and this is a great way for parents to get to know the Administrative staff and offer your talents to the team

Opportunities for volunteer involvement include: filling Wednesday Folders, assistance preparing regular and bulk mailings, phone coverage during administrative meetings, front desk coverage in the absence of the school secretary, other clerical tasks.

Friday Night Bingo

Friday Night Bingo  is planned 4 times during the year.  Classes host the event by planning a menu of food, and inviting volunteers to help.  Opportunities for volunteer involvement include: event planning, marketing, set-up/break-down, number caller.