st antony IC school

The academic program at St. Anthony-Immaculate Conception School is based on the Curriculum Guidelines of the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the Common Core State Standards. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods including direct instruction, group instruction, individual and collaborative projects, dramatic presentations, and more. Students learn 21st Century Skills in a rigorous and supportive learning environment. Communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are taught across the curriculum and in all grade levels to develop students’ higher order thinking skills. Technology is also used across the curriculum to support student learning. Our Blended learning program allows teachers to personalize instruction for our students to meet their academic needs and enables our students to take more control of their own learning through self-paced instructional programs.  The engineering model of STEM is integrated throughout all curricular areas.  Our smaller class size allows for more one-to-one time between the teacher and students (teacher to student ratio is 1:18).

In addition to the core academic curriculum we offer a well-balanced co-curricular program. We have a very successful music program that produces two concerts a year, at Christmas and in the Spring. Our PE program, taught by CYO instructors, provides a monthly cooking class to emphasize the importance of healthy eating habits in addition to physical activity. We use Art in Action, which focuses on art by the “great masters” and shows the students techniques used by those artists and then has students recreate a masterwork. Our technology program is among the most advanced within the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Students learn internet safety and etiquette, how to collaborate electronically, basic coding, video editing, and many other tech skills.

Our school’s curriculum is designed to allow students to discover and develop their passions, become well rounded, and people of faith.

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