st antony IC school
At SAIC, each student attends a weekly Music class.

Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 learn to read and write rhythm, using the Kodály rhythm method, in a vocal-based curriculum. Solfège study teaches the voice and the ear. Students apply these skills by singing sacred and secular songs and they play classroom percussion instruments as well. With our Orff instruments, they play accompaniments and compose ostinato melodies and riffs. Rounds, partner songs and 2 part harmony songs are sung, and age-appropriate Music Theory is learned. >Kindergarten students learn to match pitch, sing and repeat short melodic and rhythmic patterns accurately, then move on to analyzing both for ascending/descending motion and intervals. They learn pre-solfège and pre-Kodály skills. Finding, feeling and identifying the beat is also studied, in a vocal-based curriculum of both sacred and secular songs. Grade 5 students learn to read notes and continue to study rhythm and more advanced Music Theory concepts like accidentals, dots, ties and slurs. They sing music in 2 and 3 parts and learn how to listen to and appreciate music of different styles. Grades 6, 7 and 8 incorporate technology into their Music classes, using iPads and desktop computers to compose and arrange Music. We play virtual instruments on our iPads and perform in small and large ensembles. There are two school concerts each year, one in December and on in May, in which every student participates. SAIC also has a children’s choir, directed by our Principal Ms. Moodie.