st antony IC school
Physical Education

As part of the SAIC/CYO Physical Education program we pride ourselves on basing the education not only on the physical fitness aspect of the class, but also the integration of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. In our program, we deliberately plan the curriculum to incorporate the seasons of CYO sports as well as incorporating the Catholic values in tune with respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

This program is designed for schools within the Archdiocese in San Francisco. Therefore, some of the yearly programming is based on what sport the students are in at the time of year. In the fall season Volleyball and Soccer are incorporated into units so that the students can focus on improving their skills during the season. Basketball units are also included in the winter and spring curriculum to focus on the basketball CYO Season.

The first part of the curriculum is based on physical activity. Our program is based on units. These units are weekly or bi weekly and focus on a certain sport, skill, or locomotion. Each week, fourth through eighth graders start off their class with a five minute jog and then journal their sit-ups, pushups, and jump rope. The journal is a way for the students to follow their own progress as they achieve more throughout the year. Three times a semester, the classes take the terminator challenge. This challenge tests the students in three laps of running, fifty sit-ups, twenty-five pushups and one hundred jumps. This program also has units on all different sports that include yoga and dance. Each grade may focus on the same unit, but each lesson is designed for the grade level in which it is given.

On top of physical activity this program also focuses on healthy living. Cooking for Life is offered once each month. Through the CYO PE program, a chef comes and teaches a nutrition lesson through a cooking class. Students participate in the preparation, cooking, and finally eating what they prepared.

The goal of the program is that the students find fitness and a healthy living style in a fun interactive way. We hope that the students leave each year with a better understanding of physical fitness and a positive outlook on staying active.